The Curator Experience

The Course Curator and Court Curator were developed with the goal of creating a new type of event experience for American Express. The Curator debuted at the U.S. Open of Golf held at The Congressional Country Club to enormous success. It was then evolved for the US Open of Tennis held at the USTA National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows.

Course Curator

The Course Curator experience started with a simple observation, “cell phones are not allowed at golf events.” With this paradigm we sought to create a useful on-site tool; the solution, a heads up dashboard system accessed through an RFID card on a lanyard. Start by creating a fully custom profile or pick from one of the pre-determined packages. Then, simply scan the lanyard at any select location on the golf course and get instant access to the players you choose to follow, news that's curated for you, detailed directions around the course, tweets and a whole lot more. When done head over to the printing station and print a daily schedule and player information. Not only does the system provide a beautiful takeaway from a day at the U.S. Open but it doubles as a handy reference that is refreshed continuously.

Mobile Beta
“The future of the system is the ability for it to go mobile.
The next iteration will embrace this fully,
we have our sights clearly set on the best
event experience possible.”
-Michael Kern
Court Curator

The Course Curator is back, but it has been re-envisioned as the Court Curator for the 2011 US Open of Tennis. New features for the Court Curator included a live match scoring system, a constantly evolving schedule that put users right into the action, and an improved CMS for writers and content staff. The RFID system was bettered by directly connecting printer stations to each Court Curator, this along with new circular kiosks sped up the process and greatly improved traffic flow through the space.


With over 10,000 system users, the Court Curator was an outstanding success. Thirty percent of all users came back for multiple interactions.

Environmental Interactive Spaces

Creating spaces that people want to engage with is an exciting challenge, and we know success has been achieved when the gates drop and people jump in and interact. In addition, to the Curator experiences we assembled a variety of other experiences for both venues to emphasize, educate, inform, and excite the audience. Read on to find out about a few of the other digital experiences that were created in this process.